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Super Athletic

League Position: 3rd PLACE

Formation: 4-4-2

4-4-2 Formation

Latest Match Report

Match: AVFC United 0 Super Athletic 1

Date: 22/10/2014

First Half

  • Super Athletic - Defender makes the most of Super Agility and wins the header against the striker of the opposing team puts a long ball into the Striker. Striker uses Super Agility to beat the defence and sends the ball rocketing at the goal mouth. Striker hits the ball high over the cross bar
  • Super Athletic - Defender uses the Clone Superpower to create a strong wall that the attacking team can't break down. Midfielder sees the goalkeeper off his line and fires a shot toward goal. Striker Beats the keeper and blasts the ball into the top corner
  • AVFC United - Midfielder finds space on the wing and crosses a great ball into opposing team penalty box. Striker is tripped in the penalty box by super sized defender and earns a penalty. Striker hits the ball high over the cross bar

Second Half

  • Super Athletic - Midfielder runs the ball out of defence, user super agility to dodge a well timed challenge and releases the ball up-field to the waiting strikers. Striker uses super strength to shrug off the challenges of the opposing team and looks good to score from an impressive and well worked attack. Defender made a last second clearance off the line to save a certain goal!
  • AVFC United - Midfielder uses super strength to hold play up whilst his team mates press up the pitch to start an attack on goal. Midfielder uses the Mind Reader Super Power, destroys the defence of opposing team and powers a shot at goal. The shot whistles wide as the ball finds its way into the top of the grandstands
  • AVFC United - Defender get's around the striker using Super Agility and dispossesses them just before the opponents unleash a fireball shot. Striker picks up the ball from a well timed cross, plays on his team mate who uses his mind reading powers to sidestep the defence before crossing in a precise ball to the six yard box. The ball is picked up by a supporting midfielder who surely can't mis. Super strength from the attacker allows him to power a shot in from range. The ball bounces of the woodwork and is played out of danger by the defence

Archived Match Reports

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Match: AVFC United 0 Super Athletic 1 Date: 22/10/2014 View Match
Match: Claret Rockets 0 Super Athletic 1 Date: 20/10/2014 View Match
Match: Sonic County 2 Super Athletic 2 Date: 18/10/2014 View Match
Match: Villa Galaxy 2 Super Athletic 2 Date: 15/10/2014 View Match
Match: Super Athletic 0 Mega Chargers 1 Date: 13/10/2014 View Match

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