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Super Athletic

League Position: 18th PLACE

Formation: 4-4-2

4-4-2 Formation

Latest Match Report

Match: Super Athletic 2 Villa Galaxy 3

Date: 30/04/2016

First Half

  • Super Athletic - Striker is dispossessed just as he is about to release the trigger and shoot. Striker uses super mind reading power to guess which way the goalie will dive to save a shot. The keeper drops the ball and it rolls over the line for a controversial goal
  • Villa Galaxy - Midfielder made a great tackle to win the ball in midfield. Striker is unselfish by passing to the fresh legged substitute who is able to round the defence with ease before shooting. A glancing header catches out the keeper and a goal is scored
  • Villa Galaxy - Midfielder uses super strength to hold play up whilst his team mates press up the pitch to start an attack on goal. Midfielder hits a fireball shot straight towards the opposing teams goalkeeper. Striker heads the ball straight past the keeper's gloves

Second Half

  • Super Athletic - Midfielder takes a free kick toward the opposing team's 18 yard box. Striker crosses a ball into the box and uses Super Speed to zip through the defence and header the cross towards the goal. Striker fire ball shot goes straight through the back of the net!
  • Super Athletic - Defender made a great tackle to win the ball.. Striker uses Super Agility to beat the defence and sends the ball rocketing at the goal mouth. Defender deflects a fireball shot using their force field super power
  • Villa Galaxy - Midfielder received the ball from a throw in and completed a superb pass to the Striker. Midfielder uses the Clone Super Power, does a great one-two with themselves and blasts a shot towards the top corner. Midfielder's looping shot floats into the back of the net

Archived Match Reports

Match Date View Match
Match: Super Athletic 2 Villa Galaxy 3 Date: 30/04/2016 View Match
Match: Super Athletic 0 Sonic County 0 Date: 27/04/2016 View Match
Match: Super Athletic 1 AVFC Galaxy 1 Date: 25/04/2016 View Match
Match: Super Athletic 1 Holte Athletic 0 Date: 13/04/2016 View Match
Match: Super Athletic 1 Sonic Power 2 Date: 11/04/2016 View Match

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